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‘Sophrosyne.Life’ is designed to provide confidential, individualised consulting in meal planning, weight loss management, and performance development.

Through promoting holistic health and well-being, services are for people seeking sustainable lifestyle changes and are passionate about developing optimal health.


Quick fixes are not part of the equation. But what you will encounter is unwavering support and dedication to you and your goals and recommended approaches grounded in sound scientific evidence.

Meal Planning

Personalised Nutrition for Your Unique Wellness Journey! Understanding that one size does not fit all in nutrition, Sophrosyne Life embraces a personalised approach, crafting tailor-made nutrition plans that take into account your individual goals, food preferences, and lifestyle. The philosophy of sophrosyne extends beyond meal plans, prioritising self-awareness and knowledge. This empowers you with the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions about your nutrition and overall health. Starting with a personalised meal plan as a foundation, the approach remains flexible, enabling you to make sustainable and informed choices for long-term well-being. Bid farewell to extreme diets! Sophrosyne discourages dieting extremes and encourages a positive connection with the food you consume. Steer clear of restrictive eating patterns that could lead to disordered eating, nutrient deficiencies, or other adverse health effects. Click the 'Book Now' button below to find out more.

Weight Loss & Management

Balancing Your Wellness Goals with Sophrosyne! Sophrosyne advocates for finding balance, whether your wellness goals are significant or small. This principle extends to nutrition, especially in the contexts of weight loss and weight management. With a commitment to scientific evidence, Sophrosyne employs a holistic approach encompassing all food groups. This ensures clients receive essential nutrients without resorting to the elimination or excessive consumption of any specific food category. Aligned with the core principles of sophrosyne, clients are guided to embrace self-control and moderation in every aspect of life, including food choices. The focus is on making balanced dietary decisions, allowing you to rediscover the joy and satisfaction in savoring the foods you love. Click the 'Book Now' button below to find out more.

Performance Development

Elevate Athletic Performance with Sophrosyne-Inspired Sports Nutrition! Integrating the virtues of Sophrosyne into sports nutrition is a game-changer for athletes. Critical aspects of sports nutrition contribute significantly to fostering healthier relationships with food, boosting athletic performance, and ensuring sustained long-term well-being. Adopting a balanced and mindful nutritional approach has a profound impact on an athlete's physical and mental preparedness, paving the way for excellence on game day and throughout their sporting journey. Click the 'Book Now' button below to find out more.

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